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Plants grown in soil need a more space to spread out as the roots reach out as far as possible into the soil to capture as much water and nutrients as possible. Soil holds water and nutrients for only few minutes before it is filtered down the water table, or gets soaked up by other plants nearby. That makes it nearly impossible to control exactly how much water each of your plants receive, or which nutrients they benefit from in the process.

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About Nowafarm

NOWA Farms is India's leading end-to- end Hydroponic Solutions Provider. From setting up of Turnkey Projects, to Undertaking O&M, and Marketing Hydroponic Produce through our vast network, we support our clients from Seed to Fruit.

We use Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Vertical Growing Solutions to grow fresh high value and high yield vegetables, herbs, leafy greens and fruits in a limited space.

Qualified Staff

  • Plumbing.
  • Electrical Works.
  • Polyhouse Fabrication.
  • Fertigation Units.
  • Farm automation.

Excellent Services

  • Quick installation.
  • On-site training.
  • Access to produce buyers.
  • Handholding
  • Agronomy Services.